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Anonymous asked: Do you think it is dumb to send fan mail to celebrities- particularly the boys?? I mean I know they probably receive thousands and have people to read mail for them as they're busy; but do you think if you write something to actually be more meaningful to them and not just "I love you, you're sexy, can I have an autograph?" that there is a chance they could receive the letter from their people? So they can read it, or at least hear what you wrote?


there is always a chance. Celebrities get a lot of letters, e-mails. Some of the letters they read, others do not. But not because they do not want. Most simply do not have time for this. Every day they get millions of messages, so it’s obvious that there is no chance to read all. Sometimes the managers or assistants receive the list. But it seems to me that if we send them a message / letter, it relieves us in some way. . :) Sometimes we dream that they read it sometime. and you have to fight about yout dreams :)

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